Around Lascaux - Three meetings between art, the brain and spirituality

Meetings and conferences

What does it feel like to enter a prehistoric cave? When was creativity born? And what was the first animal depicted in Palaeolithic paintings?

Three collateral meetings at the exhibition "Lascaux Experience. The Cave of Lost Tales", at the MUSE until 12 February 2023, bring together researchers and popularisers working on the theme of Palaeolithic art, not only from an archaeological point of view. Among the proposals, also an "ancestral" experience of altered states of consciousness.

Here are the three meetings scheduled respectively on 18 October, 10 November, 15 December:

Creativity and altered states of consciousness in Palaeolithic caves

Homo and other animals: a spiritual relationship from prehistory to today

The origins of symbolic thought and the concept of art


Free admission, booking required on Ticketlandia

The three events, free of charge with booking on Ticketlandia, are collateral to the exhibition 'Lascaux Experience. The Cave of Lost Tales", which can be visited at MUSE until 12 February 2023. Participants in the meetings will receive a free voucher for a virtual visit to the Lascaux cave with Oculus technology (to be booked on when purchasing the entrance ticket).