Ala and Avio, among palaces and nature - Zero mile Tourists

Palazzo Taddei, Palazzo Pizzini, historical route in Alta Lessinia, Castello di Sabbionara

Let's tune in to canale 602  History Lab  to discover our local area.

Walking through the streets of Ala, a town that has received the quality label "Orange Flag", you will discover two ancient buildings and breathe an atmosphere of ancient flavor: Palazzo Pizzini and Palazzo Taddei.

Walk along the historical-didactic route “Alta Lessinia”, and from Malga Revoltel you'll reach Cima Castelbert (2 Km away), which preserves the testimony of the Great War on the Lessini Mountains.

Our virtual experience ends with a visit to the Castello di Sabbionara, strategic control point of the Adige Valley, but also a treasure chest of a luxuriant garden and "Giottesque" pictorial frescoes dedicated to love and war. 

A programme by Stefano Andreatta, Diana Biron, Mishel Plaku and Linda Tasin (5K Videoproduction).