Europe's biggest wooden dragon

A work by Venetian sculptor Marco Martalar in Lavarone

The work, more than 6 metres high and 7 metres long, is part of a project to enhance the wood of Avez del Prinzep , the tallest silver fir in Europe, which died in Lavarone in November 2018, as a result of the Vaia Storm.

Marco Martalar's creation dominates the woods of the Alpe Cimbra from Lavarone - in the area called Magrè -, and will soon be the starting and finishing point of the "Lavarone Green Land" themed trail that will include other surprising installations.

The aim of the project is to create a green thematic trail, which is meant to enhance the "Prinzep", as well as the material recovered from the forests affected by the Vaia storm.

The wood used to make the work has not been treated, which is why the mighty Dragon will gradually disappear over time and years, fully espousing the sculptor's philosophy of "death and decomposition".

How to get there: starting from the area called Frazione Slaghenaufi, follow the signs to reach the "Chalet Tana Incantata", and just before getting there, follow the signs to reach the area called Frazione Magrè.

(video by Flores Munari)