History, Art and Science in the upper Garda - Zero mile Tourists

Casino of Arco, Hydroelectric power plant Fies, archaeological walk in Cavedine

Let's tune in to canale 602  History Lab  to discover our local area.

Buildings, places and monuments that have made the history of Trentino, with the aim of enticing the public to discover its territory by becoming a "zero mile tourist".

The tour starts from Arco where, surrounded by public gardens, there is the Casino of Arco Congress Center built in the second half of the 19th century.

Then along the Valle dei Laghi here’s the Centrale Fies in Dro, a former hydroelectric power plant that today, in addition to creating energy, is a center of production of contemporary arts, home to an international festival dedicated to the performing arts.

 The last stop of the tour, the area around Cavedine, is a very important place from an archaeological point of view.

Just starting from Cavedine a walk takes you back in time to the Roman Empire.

A programme by Stefano Andreatta, Diana Biron, Mishel Plaku and Linda Tasin (5K Videoproduction).