MAG - Museo Alto Garda

Discover the stone statues of Arco which are kept in the Rocca di Riva del Garda, ancient medieval castle on the lake 

Let's visit the Rocca di Riva del Garda, ancient medieval  castle on the lake, seat of the Mag - Museo Alto Garda - with its three permanent sections: Art Gallery, Archaeology, History, and spaces reserved for temporary exhibitions.

The section dedicated to Archaeology, which occupies the second floor of the Museum, represents for the Upper Garda area the point of collection, conservation and enhancement of the results of the excavations carried out during the twentieth century, in order to offer visitors the testimonies related to the most ancient history of the territory until the early Middle Ages.

It houses numerous findings from research carried out in the area, which occupy a chronological framework ranging from the Middle Palaeolithic (120000 - 33000 BC) to the late ancient high medieval age (VII-VIII century AD).

The stone statues on display at the Museum of Riva del Garda were found in Arco between 1989 and 1991 during the construction of a new hospital. Matteo Rapanà tells us about them in brief.