Santuario di San Romedio (Sanctuary of Saint Romedius)

One of the most fascinating places of worship in the Alps

The intricate structure of the monumental complex is the result of the addition of various sacred and secular buildings erected in different eras, starting from the oldest nucleus (11th-13th C) – which includes the shrine containing the relics and the chapel of San Nicolò – built at the top of a rocky limestone spur, up to the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, renovated in 1923.

In 1487 the Cles family had the chapel of San Giorgio built, while the Thun family, who
were patrons of the sanctuary for three and a half centuries (1514 -1865), promoted the construction of the church of San Michele Arcangelo (1514- 1516) and the main church (1536).

Other living and service areas, including the entrance stairway in the upper part of the sanctuary and the loggia around two sides of the internal courtyard, were added or extended in the 17th and 18th centuries.
In 1948 spiritual care of the sanctuary was entrusted to the Franciscan order, then passing to the order of the Friars Minor. 

Source: Cultural Heritage Directorate