Torre e Giardini dei Sicconi - Caldonazzo, Monte Rive

The remains of the old castle were discovered thanks to the surveys conducted by the Soprintendenza per i Beni archeologici of the Provincia autonoma di Trento 

[ Archivio Ufficio Beni archeologici Provincia autonoma di Trento e Archivio del Comune di Caldonazzo]

The Caldonazzo Castle was destroyed in 1385 by the scaliger army, but apparently after that the so-called “Torre dei Sicconi” was kept efficient.
Torre dei Sicconi or Caldonazzo Castle was built in 1201 on authorisation of the Prince-bishop of Trento, Corrado di Beseno, by Geremia and Alberto sons of Varimberto of Caldonazzo.

Together with Brenta Castle it constituted the control system of the territory used by the lords of Caldonazzo, and the Torre dei Sicconi controlled the main communication routes.

Apparently during the clashes against the people from Vicenza, the castle was destroyed and rebuilt just in part. What is certain is that the Signoria of Caldonazzo-Castelnuovo departed from the scene and Valsugana went under the influence of Austria-Tyrol.
The tower got destroyed by the Austrian military engineering in 1915 for military reasons as it was a certain sighting point.
Today an archaeological park rises on the entire area of mount Rive, where it's possible to admire the base of the tower and of few other buildings that were part of the fortified complex.

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source Ufficio beni archeologici

How to reach Monte Rive

From the town hall square of Caldonazzo in about 50 minutes on foot (1,2 km, difference in height 200 m).

From Centa San Nicolò - Campregheri in about 30 minutes on foot (1,2 km, difference in height 100 m)

visitable: yes | suitable for: families - scholars - schools

opening times

From 2 April 2022 open on Saturdays and Sundays