Adelchi-Riccardo Mantovani. The Dream of Ferrara

Adelchi-Riccardo Mantovani, "La cantastorie 2", 1986-87, Collezione Gerhard Schulze e Terue Mizonobe-Schulze [ ]

From an idea by Vittorio Sgarbi. Curated by Beatrice Avanzi.

In collaboration with Fondazione Ferrara Arte


The Mart hosts the first major exhibition dedicated to Italian painter Adelchi Riccardo Mantovani.

The exhibition retraces the artist’s entire career, from the paintings of his youth to the autobiographical and fairytale-like works of the 1980s and 1990s; from allegorical and popular images to the typical landscapes of the Po Valley, up to the latest works pertaining to the present time.

A journey full of subtle, intimate impressions that tells the human and creative story of a man who “since childhood has always felt the urge to translate thoughts and fantasy into images”.



General admission €11, discount admission €7 (ticket valid for all current exhibitions)