Camels in Barbiana - Don Lorenzo Milani and his school

Theatre performance by Francesco Niccolini and Luigi D'Elia


The story of Lorenzo Milani, the most revolutionary teacher of the Italian post-war period.

Written by Francesco Niccolini and Luigi D'Elia, it tells us of this priest, teacher and man, of another school, without blackboard or desks, without tops of the class, and above all without mediocre pupils or failures. A school where there is all the time to wait for the last ones. A model that is perhaps unrepeatable, but that never ceases to fascinate us for its essential diversity.

with Luigi D’Elia

direction Fabrizio Saccomanno

production Thalassia – TEATRI ABITATI

with the collaboration of Fondazione Don Lorenzo Milani and Festival Montagne Racconta


(Translation by Denis Cova, Sophie M. Scholl Language High School, Trento - “School and Work Project”)