Counter-Time - Information between distrust and civic redemption

Meeting with Ferruccio de Bortoli, journalist - moderator Fausta Slanzi

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Since the digital universe has changed the way we live and, in part, also build social and political relationships, the acceleration of the pace of life seems unstoppable. Ferruccio de Bortoli, one of the greatest contemporary Italian journalists, former director of the newspapers "Corriere della Sera" and "Sole 24 Ore", wonders about the difficult relationship between time and information, about related risks, but also about  the creative opportunities it offers us. As a matter of fact, the future must be conquered, not feared, and this challenge will bring about a civic redemption and save our country.

(Translation by Denis Cova, Sophie M. Scholl Language High School, Trento - “School and Work Project”)

In case of bad weather the event will take place indoors, at the Corte Trapp