Encounters of colours and music

Solo exhibition by Annamaria Rossi Zen 

exhibition , Art exhibition

Presentation of the exhibition curated by dott. Alessandro Zen

Design and installation by dott.ssa Laura Mazzola

Musical performance by Ensemble Vocale Ad Maiora

Film showing on the artist

Archaeological sites, especially underground ones, always hold a great fascination, so does the ancient Tridentum, which was founded by the Romans in the middle of the first century BC, and which still "lives" in Trento city centre.

Here, the paintings by Annamaria Rossi Zen and the music by the Ad Maiora Vocal Ensemble will give new life to this ancient and precious area of Trento.

Annamaria Rossi Zen: over one hundred and twenty solo exhibitions in major private galleries and public institutions in Italy and abroad; just to mention some awards she got: Medaglia al Merito del Presidente della Repubblica Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Targa d’Argento Città di Trento, Una vita per la Pittura da Pro Cultura Trento.

organization: Cultural Heritage Directorate , Ufficio beni archeologici