Focus | Achille Funi (1890-1972) Face and Myth

Achille Funi, Ragazzo con le mele (Il fanciullo con le mele), 1921, Mart, Collezione VAF-Stiftung

From and idea by Vittorio Sgarbi. Curated by Nicoletta Colombo and Daniela Ferrari

On the 50th anniversary of his death, the Mart dedicates a Focus to Ferrara painter Achille Funi, of whom several pieces are held at the museum. In the post-war climate of the Return to order Funi was one of the protagonists of Novecento Italiano, the group spearheaded by Margherita Sarfatti.

The exhibition, which traces the artist’s entire career, focuses on two key themes of his poetics: face and myth.
The numerous self-portraits, which bear witness to the author’s physical change over the years, are displayed alongside paintings of his friends and relatives, which show his change in style.

The exhibition is included in the itinerary of and connected to the Mart Collections, and is completed by a rich catalogue with essays by the curators and Lucio Scardino.



General admission €11, discount admission €7 (ticket valid for all current exhibitions)