Grand Jeté

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A choreographic project, developed in collaboration with MM Contemporary Dance Company.

Featuring 11 performers, including Gribaudi herself, the work is inspired by the great endings of ballet history, drawing attention to the deepest emotions of humankind and in particular the link between death and rebirth.

The "grand jeté" is the great split in the air that is defined as one of the most impressive and virtuoso steps in the art of ballet, and in Silvia Gibaudi's project we explore the metaphorical meaning of this virtuoso step in everyday life: GRAND JETÉ becomes an opportunity to rebel and challenge the irreversibility of any kind of ending. How much effort does this take-off into the unknown require and what prospects can a landing open up?

In light of this explosive and triumphant leap of energy, how can we cope with failure and take off again?

with Silvia Gribaudi and MM Contemporary Dance Company

Emiliana Campo, Lorenzo Fiorito, Mario Genovese, Matilde Gherardi, Fabiana Lonardo, Alice Ruspaggiari, Rossana Samele, Nicola Stasi, Giuseppe Villarosa, Leonardo Zannella,
original music Matteo Franceschin
lighting design Luca Serafin
styling Ettore Lombard
choreography assistant Paolo Lauri
dramaturgy advice Annette Van Zwoll
artistic advice Matteo Maffesanti
technical advice Leonardo Benetollo
creative producer Mauro Danesi
Associazione Culturale Zebra, MM Contemporary Dance Company,
Torinodanza Festival | Teatro Stabile Torino – Teatro Nazionale,
Big Pulse Dance Alliance with the support by the EU Creative Europe Programme 


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