Human Habitat - Landscapes of the Anthropocene


The photographic exhibition Human Habitat - Paesaggi dell'Antropocene (Human Habitat - Landscapes of the Anthropocene) is a project born from the collaboration between Acropoli Association, Trentino history museum foundation and the Muse Science museum.

Human Habitat will be exhibited in two characteristic venues in the city of Trento: it can be visited in the Muse garden from 21 May until 18 July 2021, and from 12 June until February 2022 at the Gallerie di Piedicastello.

It consists of 8 large-scale photographs by Tom Hegen and 21 other shots by 6 emerging artists.

The exhibition is a bird's eye view of the planet's surface and its landscapes of resource production, distribution and waste.

A snapshot of change, through the eyes of talented contemporary photographers and the voices of experts in science, art and philosophy.

A joint project between civic associations and museums to tell the story of the Anthropocene, i.e. the current era in which the Earth's environment, in all its physical, chemical and biological characteristics, is strongly conditioned on a local and global scale by the effects of human action.