Trentino history museum foundation, the Tunnels of Piedicastello - Trento

Le Gallerie are not a traditional museum, perhaps not even a museum. 
They are more a workshop and a participatory place; a cultural space where different languages interact in order to promote an awareness of history, excite the curiosity and raise questions.

L'esterno delle Gallerie di Piedicastello [ Fondazione museo storico del Trentino]

The Trento Tunnels are just what the name suggests: two former highway tunnels reconverted into a history museum. They were built in the early 1970s to permit the speedy traversal of the city along the provincial North-South highway, running from Verona to the Brenner Pass, as part of the development of the Trento ring road.
They are less a museum than a space dedicated to history. A space primarily devoted to the local and regional: to be precise, to the Trentino’s history and population, to the reasons for its autonomy.
But without forgetting broader horizons: other histories, both larger and smaller.
The Black Tunnel hosts large and evocative installations which have a strong visual impact. There are 300 metres of non-stop stories and histories with a deep emotional impact. Walking through the Black Tunnel is a step-by-step immersion in history.
The White Tunnel provides facilities for events and descriptive installations. This is the place where the emotions raised in the black tunnel are described. The White Tunnel is as well a space dedicated to meetings, congresses and temporary exhibitions.


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Ampio parcheggio a 100 metri circa. Le Gallerie (Bianca e Nera) sono due tunnel stradali percorribili, lunghi 300 metri. Tra le due Gallerie corridoio di sicurezza largo mediamente 170 cm con scivolo all’uscita lungo cm 67 e pendenza media del 18%. Al corridoio si accede con scivoli lunghi 95 cm con pendenza del 6,6% e soglia di invito alta 3 cm per la Gallerie Bianca e con marciapiede alto 7 cm per la Galleria Nera. Le porte di sicurezza hanno la controporta a distanza di cm 110. Per le manifestazioni è prevista la collocazione di bagni chimici mobili dedicati alle persone con disabilità, all’uscita nord delle Gallerie.

organized by Fondazione museo storico del Trentino (Trentino history museum foundation)