Last few days to visit the exhibition "The colours of the Serenissima"

Venetian painting of the eighteenth century in Trentino


The fantastic colours, the inventions, the great stories of the most magnificent Venetian 18th century will be presented in the halls of the Magno Palazzo of the Prince-Bishops of Trento in all their splendour. Not only to captivate with their beauty but to document, for the first time in a truly extensive way, the influence of Venetian art in the valleys of Trentino.

Seventy works by artists such as Fontebasso, Pittoni, Cignaroli, Guardi, Balestra and others that will arrive (some will return) to Trento from European and American museums and collections.


Exhibition curated by Andrea Tomezzoli (University of Padua) and Denis Ton (Castello del Buonconsiglio) .