Lights and shadows of the wood. Sculpture symposium - 18th year

Cultural exhibitions and events

To the fir tree, protagonist of the Symposium 2019, will be dedicated an exhibition between Castello and Pieve Tesino.

In the last week of July, artists from all over Italy and Europe are invited to sculpt in the squares and streets of the Tesino Plateau, while passers by can ask them information and observe as they work.

Each sculptor is given a larch trunk 1.70 m high. In 6 days, this trunk will take shape and new life, according to the creative freedom of each participant.

At the end of the week, a designated quality jury will decide the 3 winners. 

On 25 July: excursion to the area of the Brocon pass with the guide of experts to grasp the important landscape and botanical aspects of a raw material of fundamental importance.