Lost lands. Notes on a journey through a forgotten Italy

Silvia Camporesi, "Veduta - Buonanotte Vecchio (Abruzzo)"

The Galleria Civica of Trento continues its investigation into the contemporary with an exhibition that focuses on an extremely topical and urgent issue: the complex dynamics of anthropological, social and economic factors that leads to the abandonment of large areas of the country, especially mountainous areas far from the main centres and communication routes.

The territory of Italy, despite its significant economic, social, cultural, linguistic and historical differences, is united by an issue that is widely discussed but rarely addressed systematically by the political agenda: depopulation, with several instances of actual abandonment of large inland areas. These areas are sprawling, far from large cities, main communication routes, railway, airport and maritime infrastructures, and often characterised by enduring land management problems.

Through photographs by Gabriele Basilico, Silvia Camporesi, Flavio Faganello, Paolo Simonazzi, Italo Zannier and the videos of Vittorio De Seta, Franco La Cecla and Patrizia Giancotti, the exhibition documents abandoned places and landscapes; a world of silent villages, of human activities that resist the lure of migration, of great missed opportunities but also of possible futures, of sustainable development, of rebirths. More than two hundred photographs and four video entries offer an overall vision of our country from the 1950s to the present day. An unprecedented and inspiring journey to familiar or previously uncharted places, photographed from significant and unusual viewpoints.

Source: www.mart.tn.it


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