On the pile-dwellings: a story to be continued


The exhibition "On the stilts: a story to be continued" shows images taken by Lombard photographer Anna Brenna on Lake Inle, in the central part of the Myanmar peninsula (formerly Burma). The lake has around 70,000 inhabitants on its shores, for whom water is an essential element that characterises every aspect of daily life:

people live on wooden stilt houses, grow vegetables and flowers in floating gardens, travel by boat in the channels formed by the lake, wash and do laundry in the lake water, markets are held on the lake water and the lake is populated by fishermen. Wood is also used to cover the interiors of the houses, which are decorated with carpets, mats and fabrics.

A contemporary context that in the photographer's eyes recalls life in the pile-dwelling villages that dotted the subalpine territory 4000 years ago. After the opening, the  exhibition can be visited accompanied by curators Luisa Moser and Mirta Franzoi, archaeologists of the office for educational activities of the Archaeological Heritage Office (Department for Cultural Heritage)