The Wonderful Journey. Through Science and Philosophy


The relationship between science and philosophy down the centuries is addressed through a multimedia exhibition, with lights, music, images, characters and voices.
Narration will be immersive and take the form of video clips of theatrical performances, each depicting an episode of the overall plot and projected in the evocative setting of a journey through time enlightened by beauty, love and philosophical thoughts.
The exhibition ‘The Wonderful Journey. Through Science and Philosophy’, on show on level one of the Palazzo delle Albere, based on an idea of Stefano Zecchi and curated by Beatrice Mosca, opens the doors of knowledge to visitors through a surprising journey through time, where beauty and love return as an eternal reminder to reflect on the meaning of human life.
The exhibition will span from the symbolism of myths and the logos through the origins of philosophy, the enchantment of faith and the harmony of humanism to the birth of modern science and the cosmos with its great contemporary questions about space and time.



Full price ticket € 7 | reduced price ticket € 5