The art of hunting and of falconry

con esibizioni di falconieri e dimostrazioni di addestramento dei volatili

Cultural exhibitions and events

Two days will be devoted to the theme of hunting, which was the favourite hobby of all guests of the summer residence of the Prince bishops. During the day there will be demonstrations of falconry and of training of birds.

In the inner courtyard of the castle there will be ancient games, and in a field in the outer space you can try your hand at archery.

A tent will be reproduced, where hunters will prepare their tools.

In the evening, sitting around the fire, visitors will enojoy listening to stories about hunting, accompanied by music and by the good smell of the kitchen.

Historical reenactment companies:

› “Ordinanza de Terra Firma”

› falconry company “Antica Marca Alata”

and with

› Il Villaggio degli antichi giochi, curated by Compagnia S. Giorgio e il Drago

› Lo Mago Abacuc, comic magic

› Compagnia Bradosisma, ancient music

› Lupus in Fabula


full price ticket: € 7,00 – reduced price ticket: € 5,00


freephone number  800 013952 from Monday to Friday: 14.00 - 18.00

Info at the castle at the week-end of the event - tel: 0465 771004

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