The forest, a broken balance


The event refers to artworks by the group "La Cerchia" of Trento, specially created for the occasion and on the theme of the place.

Art exhibition curated by Adriano Fracalossi.

Artists: Luisa Bifulco, Carla Caldonazzi, Paolo Dalponte, Bruno Degasperi, Domenico Ferrari, Adriano Fracalossi, Annalisa Lenzi, Silvio Magnini, Gianni Mascotti, Pierluigi Negriolli, Roberto Piazza, Stefania Simeoni, Giorgio Tomasi, Ilario Tomasi, Elisa Zeni. Host artists: Eva Laura Moraga from South America and Roberto Segati, from Trentino. 

The works therefore interpret the forest, its natural beauty, but also the weather events that periodically occur, sometimes dramatically. Obviously, the reference to what happened in October 2018 with the Vaia storm is not entirely accidental: that storm in fact put Trentino to a hard test.

In order to stimulate the public's attention on the fragility of the environment, the precariousness of its balance, and the need to adopt behaviours and strategies respectful towards the environment and the climate, there will also be a photographic exhibition of images that document the damage caused by the storm 2018 in various areas of Trentino (Altopiano di Pinè - Bedolpian, Lavazè, Val Cadino - Manghen, Val dei Mocheni, Valdi Fassa - Medil, Val San Nicolò, Vetriolo, Vigolana) in the hall of Palazzo Trentini.


free admission