What I see. New figurative art in Italy


Armed with in-depth technical expertise, many contemporary artists choose painting as a means to represent reality as faithfully as possible. With its selection of fourteen artists, the Galleria Civica Trento is exhibiting some of the most important examples of contemporary figurative art in Italy today. People and everyday objects populate these paintings, immersed in surreal, sensual and fairytale-like atmospheres that both surprise viewers and invite them to get lost in the details.
The exhibition features works by Giulia AndreaniElisa AnfusoAnnalisa Avancini, Romina Bassu, Thomas Braida, Manuele CeruttiVania ComorettiPatrizio Di MassimoFulvio Di PiazzaAndrea FontanariGiulio FrigoOscar Giaconia, Iva Lulashi and Margherita Manzelli.

Source: http://www.mart.trento.it/ciochevedo-en


free admission