Words and sounds from the 1900s

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Rovereto Suona is a proposal of the CDM - Centro Didattico Musicateatrodanza (Musicateatrodanza Educational Center) of Rovereto that aims to emphasize the relationship between sound and urban space. The intent is to improve the perception of how sound can beautify the environments of a town, enhancing the soundscape as beauty to be discovered along with architectural and/or other beauties.

The venue chosen for the first event of the project is Piazza Umberto Savoia, in agreement with the Mart, with the airing of the original sound work VOICES words and sounds from the 1900s by Stefano Raffaelli of CDM in Rovereto (MusicTheaterDance Educational Center).

Each day there will be four small musical listenings lasting 5 minutes each in the MART square, at 10.00, 14.00, 18.00 and 21.00.

Voices is a soundscape created from the suggestion of the voices of some of the protagonists of 20th century art and culture: Salvador Dali, Marina Abramovic, Pablo Picasso, Luis Borges, Laurie Anderson, Barbara Bloom, John Baldessari, Dieter Roth. Each voice is the protagonist of a sound environment, woven by interweaving the acoustic sound of the piano and minimalist electronic sounds.

The ROVERETO SUONA project was conceived and carried out by the Centro Didattico Musicateatrodanza in collaboration with the Mart and with the support of the Department of Culture of Rovereto.


Free admission