#buonconsiglioadomicilio - The wonderful castle's room of the black marble fireplace

#buonconsiglioadomicilio a new format to narrate the monuments and provincial collections with short videos

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#buonconsiglioadomicilio is the new format of the Castello del Buonconsiglio.

Short videos of provincial monuments and collections to tell you about the Buonconsiglio Castle and its collections despite these difficult days.

Every week the curators of the museum will propose contributions to discover the beauty of our castles.

In this episode Claudio Strocchi will tell us about the wonderful frescoes and stucco decorations of the room of the black marble fireplace (Sala del Camin Nero), in which Dosso Dossi immortalized the seven liberal Arts, the cardinal Virtues, mythological episodes and in the center a wonderful circular fresco with playful cherubs in Mantegna's style. Images and direction by Alessandro Ferrini.