#buonconsiglioonline - Carved, painted sacred wood of the XV century

the story, with short videos of the Castle and its collections

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#buonconsiglioadomicilio (#buonconsiglioonline) is the new format of the Castello del Buonconsiglio.

Short videos of provincial monuments and collections to tell you about the Buonconsiglio Castle and its collections,in order to keep in touch, in spite of the current difficult period.

Every week the curators of the museum will propose contributions to discover the beauty of our castles.

In this episode of the series #buonconsiglioadomicilio  , Claudio Strocchi reveals the story of some magnificent late-Gothic wooden sculptures, among them a Schöne Madonna and a door altar by Brissinian master sculptor Hans Klocker.

Images and direction by Alessandro Ferrini.

Enjoy the video.