#buonconsiglioonline - Giovanni Battista Lampi from the Val di Non to the European courts

the story, with short videos of the Castle and its collections

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#buonconsiglioadomicilio is the new format of the Castello del Buonconsiglio.

Short videos of provincial monuments and collections to tell you about the Buonconsiglio Castle and its collections in these difficult days, when we must stay at home to fight the virus.

Every week the curators of the museum will propose contributions to discover the beauty of our castles.

This episode is dedicated to a painter from Trentino who won the favour of many sovereigns thanks to his talent in the portrait technique.

Directed by Alessandro Ferrini, Alessandro Casagrande will make us known Giovanni Battista Lampi, an artist who worked in the most important European courts from the Habsburgs to the great Catherine II of Russia between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Enjoy the video!