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The Castello del Buonconsiglio proposes three events to be "Leisurely at the museum 2019" ("ComodaMENTE in MUSEO 2019")

Three exhibitions, three protagonists, one closing date: 24 February 2019. These last few days become the occasion for three monographic meetings at the Castello del Buonconsiglio.

The exhibition Blue Virgin Mary. A 14th century sculpture from Verona, curated by Lucina Giacomelli, offers the opportunity to admire this magnificent sculpture. Recent restorations, carried out in collaboration with Trento's Cultural Heritage Directorate, have restored the sculpture to its wonderful original shade of colour, and have highlighted the original coat in azurite with gold decorations. From here the denomination “Blue Virgin Mary”.

It is one of the few evidences of Verona’s tombstone sculpture of the fourteenth century in Trento”. The Madonna is depicted in a frontal position, seated on a throne and crowned. It is characterized by the nobility of her face that seems to hint at a smile, just like her Child. 

Ten years after the important monographic exhibition at the Castello del Buonconsiglio dedicated to the great Renaissance sculptor Andrea Briosco (born in Trento in 1470), known as "Il Riccio" ("curly haired") for his hair, the museum invites us to admire an unprecedented sculpture by this famous artist (born in Trento in 1470), depicting Saint Sebastian.

The exhibition showcases the terracotta Saint that was made between the end of the fifteenth and the beginning of the sixteenth century; the tension in his face, the modelling of his hair, the precise anatomy of his body highlight Riccio's most typical art style, who practised at first goldsmithing, but soon became a famous modeller, bronze sculptor, and so a true protagonist of the Renaissance sculpture.

The third exhibition, entitled "Under the sky of Egypt" is dedicated to the extraordinary Rest during the escape to Egypt painted by Francesco Hayez in 1831, a painting hidden from the public's eyes since that year, when it was exhibited in Milan, at the Accademia di Brera. Recently traced by the curator of the exhibition Emanuela Rollandini in a private collection, it was commissioned by Simone Consolati, a well-known patron and lover of Fine Arts.

Three faces, three eras, three art historians who accompany a curious and passionate audience on a journey back in time to appreciate the three works, by offering keys for interpretation, sharing experiences of research and knowledge, and answering questions and observations.

All this is the "ComodaMENTEinMUSEO" 2019 event (Leisurely at the museum 2019), a pleasant and relaxing museum experience, to be enjoyed also thanks to the musical performances by the students of the ‘F. Bonporti’ Conservatory of Trento, and an appetizing aperitif at the museum cafè.

> Sunday 3 February 2019 at 11.00

La Mater amabilis

"Delicate, affectionate, celestial" is the Madonna painted by Francesco Hayez,

undisputed protagonist of the Romantic painting in Italy,

in the Rest during the escape to Egypt, a masterpiece that has been recently found

in a private collection.

Emanuela Rollandini

Sebastian Cañas, clarinet


Sunday 10 February 2019 at 11.00

Di terra e di fuoco (Made of terracotta and fire): Saint Sebastian by Andrea Riccio

Intense, at the same time suffering and heroic, Saint Sebastian

molded in clay is a full expression of the Renaissance of the Po Valley,

artwork by the famous sculptor from Trentino, Andrea Riccio.

Luca Siracusano

Carolina Talamo, cello


Sunday 17 February 2019 at 11.00

Blue Virgin Mary

Majestic and enigmatic, just pervaded by a delicate vein of

tenderness, the Madonna of the rose, called today Blue Virgin Mary, is a very rare stone sculpture

of the fourteenth century, carefully restored to its original colours.

Laura Dal Prà

Giulia Leccese and Anna Zeni, flute


in collaboration with

‘F. Bonporti’ Conservatory of Trento, Rotari Spumanti and ‘Il Barone del Castello’ museum cafè


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Cost: € 6,00 per person, including aperitif