7 mini lessons for boys and girls on 7 artists who have made the history of performance art

Within the programme that the art work space in Trentino has undertaken at the end of the first lockdown with XL, a new video format has been created: Perform! It combines training and performance art in 7 mini-lessons that can be accessed free of charge on the youtube channel of the Centrale Fies, an independent centre of residence and production of contemporary performing arts, located inside an early 20th century hydroelectric power station.

Perform! consists of a series of video lessons in two languages, Italian and German, to introduce children to historical performance art.  In December 2020 and January 2021 the project will reach them in their homes for the first time.

Seven mini-lessons on seven artists who have made the history of performance art, from Trisha Brown to Gilbert & George, reinterpreted by two very young students, Grete and Josef Sommadossi Loner, aged 10.

The lessons, developed and held by artist Hannes Egger with cultural mediator Valeria Marchi, will have a theoretical part and a practical part to be experienced at home with friends and family, in a performative reenactment game. As an appendix to these pills of contemporary dissemination, Denis Isaia introduces the historical periods and the artists who are the protagonists of the seven episodes, providing an accurate context dedicated to the children's parents and teachers.

The videos are viewable on the YouTube channel of the Centrale Fies (Hydroelectric power plant of Fies) 

Perform! is a project by Centrale Fies  

Video - Roberta Segata

Performers - Grete and Josef Sommadossi Loner
with - Hannes Egger, Denis Isaia, Valeria Marchi
Art Direction - Virginia Sommadossi
Music - “Pas de Bourrée” di wowawiwa. Producers Dehendrik Lechat Willekens and Alma Söderberg

Perform! - Orlan

Perform! Dennis Oppenheim

Perform! Dennis Oppenheim DE

Perform! Jérôme Bel - DE

Perform! Gilbert & George

Perform! Gilbert & George - DE