The Ecomuseum of Argentario and its attractions

A dense programme of summer activities at the Orrido di Ponte Alto, and opening of the Canope, the silver mines of Mount Calisio

The Ecomuseum of Argentario was founded 15 years ago to protect and enhance the natural environment and the historical and mining heritage of Monte Calisio, just outside Trento.

In recent years, thanks to the recovery of some sites of interest and the fruitful collaboration with the municipal and provincial administrations, the Ecomuseum is becoming a reference point for new forms of experiential and sustainable cultural tourism for visitors to the city and the surrounding valleys.

In particular, since the autumn of 2017 it has been offering guided tours at the Orrido of Ponte Alto, a route in the gorge of the Fersina stream that allows you to reach two spectacular waterfalls of over 40 m, formed as a result of impressive hydraulic works among the oldest in Europe.

The site is open every Saturday and Sunday with guided tours every hour from 10 to 18 (summer time). Reservation is not necessary, except for large groups (over 15 people) who can visit the gorge even during the week. Since the opening more than 25,000 people have been registered, considering the weekend audience and the groups booked.

From this year the Ecomuseo Argentario also reopens the gates of its most representative sites: the medieval silver mines known locally as "Canope".

At the moment, the visits are structured in a series of monthly events during the summer.

Here are the dates of the summer events at the Orrido and the guided tours in the Canopa delle Acque (Civezzano):

  • 8-9 June: La Cacciatrice, il Vescovo e l'Ingegnere, guided theatrical tour of the Orrido of Ponte Alto. Three replicas at 18:00, 19:00, 20:00. Reservation required
  • 29 June: Guided tour to the Canopa delle Acque. Reservation required.
  • 13 July: Guided tour to the Canopa delle Acque. Reservation required.
  • 8 August: Evening guided tour to the Canopa delle Acque, on the occasion of the SerEstate event in Civezzano. Reservation required.
  • 10 August: Notti Spaziali, science-theatre at the Pila di Villamontagna quarries, in collaboration with the Monti Stellati Astronomical Group
  • 17 August: Guided tour to the Canopa delle Acque. Reservation required.
  • 31 August: Guided tour to the Canopa delle Acque. Reservation required.
  • 8 September: Chiamata alle Arti! Performance at the Orrido of Ponte Alto with local artists selected through a special call.
  • September (date to be defined): La Guerra di Tina. Ho sognato il mondo sopra un treno, theatre show at the Cave di Pila di Villamontagna.

31 October: Racconti dell’Orrido, audio-guided, theatrical and sensory visit at the Orrido of Ponte Alto.

(Translation by Denis Cova, Sophie M. Scholl Language High School, Trento - “School and Work Project”)

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Per info generali e prenotazioni di gruppi (lun-ven): – 335 6514145

Per info sugli eventi: - 327 018 2663

Per info sull’Orrido di Ponte Alto: – 0461 216000

Per prenotazione delle visite alla Canopa delle Acque: - 0461 976036

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