RAM film festival | Rovereto - Archaeology - Memories 2022

Since 1990 the Civic Museum Foundation has organised a Film Festival, from 2021 called RAM - Rovereto Archeologia Memorie, dedicated to tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The Rovereto Festival includes screenings, Q&A meetings, exhibitions, training courses, guided tours to discover the local sites and more.

Cinema , Meetings and conferences , Cultural exhibitions and events
[ https://www.ramfilmfestival.it/RAMff_presentazione]

The festival takes place every year in early autumn, and presents the newest, interesting and spectacular Italian and international works selected on the theme of World Heritage, to tell monuments, places, peoples, distant traditions, through the experiential perspective of cinema.

The focus 2022 is "Feminine perspective and narrative", spotlight on the role of women in history, on gender equality and opportunities through the testimonies of directors, archaeologists, writers especially from crisis areas and from those countries where culture and education are not granted, especially for women.

In the same week, film festival visitors will discover the city and its museums, and enjoy guided tours, themed menus, tours on the territory, all by RAM.

Source and further details here: https://www.ramfilmfestival.it/ 

organization: Fondazione Museo Civico di Rovereto