Summer archaeology 2020

Here are the events taking place this summer at the Museo delle Palafitte di Fiavé, Tridentum, Museo Retico di Sanzeno and at other archaeological sites of Trentino

Cultural exhibitions and events

From the Tridentum romana to the Museo Retico di Sanzeno, to the Museo delle Palafitte di Fiavé, to the archaeological sites  Acqua Fredda (Passo del Redebus) and Campi Neri (Cles) there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about the most ancient history of Trentino, having fun and experiencing first-hand techniques and knowledge of the past: workshops for children and adults, interactive guided tours, theatrical readings, “archaeology walks” in the countryside.

To ensure participation in safety and in compliance with the rules to prevent contagion, the activities - mostly outdoors - are reserved for small groups that will be followed by an archaeologist.

A unique opportunity to meet experts, ask questions and satisfy one's curiosity in complete peace of mind. There are many proposals, also organised in collaboration with municipalities, tourist boards, organizations and associations, which combine nature and culture to discover aspects and corners of our area, which are less known, but rich in charm and history.

The programme will be available at the S.A.S.S. in Trento, at the Museo Retico di Sanzeno, and at  the Museo delle Palafitte di Fiavé or can be requested from the Archaeological Heritage Office (tel. 0461 492161, The digital version can be found online on the portal

Tridentum la città sotterranea (Tridentum the underground city)

Strolling on an ancient Roman decumanus of two thousand years ago right under the historic centre of Trento is the experience offered by TRIDENTVM S.A.S.S. - Spazio Archeologico Sotterraneo del Sas / Sas Underground Archaeological Space. The site not only preserves the remains of Tridentum, the city founded by the Romans in the first century BC, but also hosts the exhibition  “Ostriche e vino. In cucina con gli antichi romani" (Oysters and wine. Cooking and the ancient Romans  )  with finds and interesting facts about food culture in ancient times along the river Adige.

The exhibition and the site can be visited accompanied by an archaeologist on the occasion of “Alla scoperta della Tridentum romana” (15, 22, 24, 29, 31 July, 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 28 August, 4 and 11, 26 September). For our international guests we also propose guided tours in English  (“Tridentum the underground city” on 18 July, 1 and 22 August, 5 September). For information and bookings tel. 0461 230171. “Benvenuti a Tridentum!” (Welcome to Tridentum), on the other hand, is a new offer of this summer: museum educators welcome visitors and present the peculiarities of the S.A.S.S. and of the other sites of Tridentum (15, 17, 29 July, 5, 12, 19, 26 August, 2 and 9 September at 16.00, 16.30, 17.00).

Le palafitte di Fiavé, patrimonio dell’umanità Unesco (Pile dwellings of Fiavè, Unesco World Heritage Site)

From the archaeological area, where the remains of the poles that supported the huts are still visible, to the Pile-Dwelling Museum of Fiavé where extraordinary finds are preserved, there are numerous summer proposals to discover the daily life of the communities that lived on the shores of the ancient Lake Carera in the Bronze Age. To visit the archaeological area together with an expert, you can take part in "L'archeologo cercastorie" an activity for families to have fun reading and interpreting data and information found during research in the Fiavé - Carera peat bog (11, 18 and 25 July 8, 11, 22 and 29 August). "A day on stilts" includes an animated visit to discover daily life in the pile-dwelling village of Fiavé 3,500 years ago (11, 18, 25 July, 8 and 22 August and 6 September). Dedicated to the whole family "(Prei-)Storie Narrate. Tales of life on pile-dwellings", are workshops to create prehistoric stories from clues and exhibits in the museum (14, 23 and 28 July, 6, 20 and 25 August).

New this year is "Welcome to the Pile-Dwelling Museum of Fiavé, a museum to be re-discovered" a moment of welcome that sees museum educators meet visitors in small groups and present the museum's collections (16 and 23 July, 2, 13 and 29 August). The animated readings "Il teatrino delle palafitte. Roberto reperto" are aimed at young and old, discovering special finds from the bottom of the lake (21 July and 18 August) and "Il teatrino delle palafitte. Le indagini di nonna Lianna” (4 August) on the traces of the ancient inhabitants of the pile-dwellings of Fiavé. Explore, play and have fun with the family workshops "Il memory delle palafitte" (14 and 28 July, 11 and 25 August), "Guess who... is in the village" (16, 21 and 30 July, 4, 18 and 27 August and 27 September), and on 1 August "Ci provo anch’io!" a not to be missed opportunity to experience the work of the archaeologist. For information and bookings: tel. 0465 735019.

Al Museo Retico nel pozzo del tempo (At the Rhaetic Museum in the well of time)

At the (Rhaetic Museum) - Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History of the Val di Non you can travel through the well of time to retrace the events of the ancient inhabitants of the valley, from the Palaeolithic hunters to the Raeti and Romans to the holy martyrs of Anaunia. During the summer there are many opportunities to learn more about the themes dealt with in the museum, starting from the guided tours “I Reti e le antiche genti della Val di Non" ("The Raeti and the ancient peoples of the Val di Non valley") on 11 and 25 July, 2, 8 and 29 August, 27 September) which are also offered in English on request.

For families with children the workshops are back: "Raccontami una storia... e la storia cominciaò" ("Tell me a story... ") to create together stories and tales starting from some of the exhibits in the museum (15 July, 5 and 28 August), "MeMoRetico... things, men and animals in the museum" to discover by playing some interesting facts about the exhibits in the museum (17 July and 8 August), "Archeologi per un giorno" (Archaeologists for a day) to experience the work of the archaeologist (22 July and 19 August), "Archeotaboo: things, men and animals" to discover the museum (25 July, 14 August and 27 September), "When copper embraces the pond" to experiment the technique of embossing on copper (29 July and 26 August), "Stories of plots" to discover the magic of weaving  (12 August). On the occasion of "Welcome to the (Rhaetic Museum) Museum!". (July 29 and August 7) and "Where are the animals?" (17 July, 5, 12 and 21 August) museum educators will be available to the public to present the collections and the exhibition route and to give families with children materials designed and created to visit the museum in a playful and entertaining way. A particularly evocative proposal is "Archaeology and nature in Val di Non: from the Raeti to the Hermits" archeotrekking with the guide of an archaeologist and an area guide from the museum to the Sanctuary of San Romedio along the panoramic rock walk. The event takes place in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Val di Non on 24 July, 7, 14 and 21 August. For information and bookings tel. 0463 434125

Campi Neri, un luogo di culto tra preistoria e romanità (Campi Neri, a place of worship between prehistory and Romanity)

Remaining in Val di Non, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cles, some appointments linked to the archaeological area of the Black Fields and the exhibition "The five gothic keys and other wonders" are scheduled at the Palazzo Assessorile of Cles, where some particularly significant finds from the Rhaetic Museum are on display. The archaeological section of the exhibition and the site can be visited in the company of an archaeologist on 3, 17 and 24 August. To explore the area guided by an archaeologist and a local guide you can take part in the archeo walks "On the trail of the fires of the gods" (20 July) from Cles to Campi Neri and Valemporga di Mechel and "Discovering the ancient Clesian landscape" (10 August) from Clesalla in Palù, passing through some key places of the evolution of the Clesian landscape. Free admission - booking required: Cles Tourist Board, tel. 0463 421376.

Acqua Fredda e l’arte dei metalli (Acqua Fredda and the art of metals)

The Acqua Fredda archaeological area at the Redebus Pass, between the Val dei Mòcheni valley and the Pinè plateau, preserves one of the most important prehistoric foundries of the late Bronze Age (13th-11th centuries BC) in the entire Alpine arc. The site will be the starting point of the initiative "Exploring Acqua Fredda: archaeology and nature", a walk from the Redebus Pass to Malga Pontara in the company of an archaeologist and a local guide to learn about many interesting facts related to the world of metallurgy and nature. The excursion, also suitable for families with children from 6 years of age, takes place on 17 and 31 July, 14 and 21 August and 27 September. For information and bookings:  Piné Cembra Tourist Board, tel. 0461 557028.

"Ancient landscapes between archaeology and nature" combines history and environment; it is a walk in Valsugana, from the archaeological site of Montesei di Serso to the natural reserve of Lake Pudro, in the company of an archaeologist and a local guide, scheduled on July 20, August 10 and 22 and October 10. The enchanting Val dei Mòcheni is the setting for "Archeotrekking in Valcava" (27 July, 8 and 17 August, 26 September), a walk among nature and archaeology accompanied by a local guide and an archaeologist among farms and larch woods to the pastures of Malga Pletzen, a place rich in history, legends with breathtaking views over the valley. Both excursions are also suitable for families with children. For information and bookings: tel. 3334861088; (by 18.00 on the day before the event)

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All activities, where not otherwise indicated, require booking and are limited to small groups. Participation and access to museums and archaeological sites must take place in compliance with the regulations to limit contagion, avoiding gatherings and respecting social distances.

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