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Haydn Foundation of Bolzano and Trento

Dpcm 3 November 2020

 Dpcm 3 December 2020

 Dpcm 15 January 2021

The new guide, written by the MUSE Science Museum and Anffas Trentino Onlus (non profit organisation), to make the Muse even more inclusive, accessible and engaging

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The timeless charm of the Belle Époque has arrived at the Mart

Mart's press office

second time window for reimbursement of tickets

Fiaba Music

Student of composition at the Bonporti Conservatory of Trento, Federico Agnello has won the Enzo Bosso National Award. He was awarded in Rome (via the web) byministers Amendola and Manfredi

Conservatorio Bonporti di Trento

170 artists at work to recount this period: exhibition (not open to visitors at the moment) with ONLINE CATALOGUE!

Biblioteca civica di Rovereto

We are closed but always curious. You too?

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Activities dedicated to cultural heritage continue at a distance


Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers dated 3 November 2020