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Shows and appointments may be subject to restrictions or cancellations: for information please contact the organizers of the events 

The new video of the Castello del Buonconsiglio takes us into the rooms that host the daughters of Ferdinand I of Habsburg

Free admission to Trentino’s Provincial Museums on the first Sunday of the month.

Let's admire it at the Mart until 8 March

Publication of the fifth volume of the journal dedicated to archaeological research in Trentino

The Municipality of Arco will enrich its Segantini’s collection with the purchase of a new work of art

The colourful offer of the Christmas markets creates an atmosphere of lights and sounds, scents and colours. A tradition that relives every year in Trentino

Poetry, magic, irony: the three key words of Christmas and New Year at the theatre

Success at the Castello del Buonconsiglio. Admission to the castle at a reduced price until 15 November

Two meetings of the Provincial Commission for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men to reflect on the theme, and look at the future

 5 km long run for the Elimination of Violence against Women

12 October: free admission and many events at the Mart, the Galleria Civica, and other museums and galleries in Trentino