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The eclectic artist who has worked alongside David Bowie, U2, Peter Gabriel, Coldplay...now in Trentino with two original installations

(ab) - Source: PAT press office

From 19 August to 6 November at the Castello del Buonconsiglio and Castel Beseno

(ab) - Source: PAT press office

A sound project curated by Lucia Cella to talk about cultural heritage, fragility, care, beauty


A multimedia project between photography and youth culture at the Belasi Castle

Reopening of the rooms on the ground floor of Palazzo Pretorio

Museo Diocesano Tridentino

The new social column to discover the rich collection of the Ladin Museum begins

Museo Ladin de Fascia

From 16 April

Trentino history museum foundation

Guided tours and workshops to learn about ancient skills and test your manual dexterity.

From 16 April "clue hunt" and guided visits for children

Val di Non Tourist Board

Two webinars for youth organisations - 14 April and 14 June 2022. APPLICATIONS BY 11 APRIL

On Raiplay

Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra Onlus