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Images of motherhood at the Galleria civica G. Segantini, Arco  

Daniela Ferrari e Alessandra Tiddia

At Palazzo Alberti Poja, a "diary" including photographs and works of art reconstructs the atmosphere of Rovereto in the years of the Great War.

Paola Pizzamano

The regeneration project of Palazzo delle Albere

A showcase of the local cultural heritage: this is the objective of the regeneration project of Palazzo delle Albere presented by the mayor of Trento Alessandro Andreatta, the municipality councillor Andrea Robol and the province councillor to cultural heritage Tiziano Mellarini.

The historic section of the library belonging to the Congregation of Trento is transferred to the Diocesan Library “A. Rosmini” of Trento

Laura Bragagna

Members of the Thun family painted by masters of the Venetian and Lombard avantgarde 

Emanuela Rollandini

“Trentino Expo 2015” portal

Trentino with its own identity and excellence will take part in the 2015 Universal Exposition, scheduled from 1 May to 31 October.

Trentino’s official participation has now been formalised, and the themes chosen by Trentino are identity and excellence, but also biodiversity and innovation.

Further reading: www.expo2015.tn.it/en

The attack on the Twin Towers in an Afghan war rug

Nicoletta Boschiero

The civic Eagle of Via Belenzani

Daniela Floris

The history of the fallen and missing soldiers runs across the archive of the association: photos and documents will end up in the hands of experts in order to be reorganized. This will be useful to reconstruct an important piece of history.

Alessandro Cont

The ladder as symbol of a possible spiritual ascent, but also of its opposite

Laura Dal Prà

Place names can take inspiration from the morphology of the ground, from the land use, from the presence of certain tree species or from the establishment of specific activities or from special artifacts.

Lydia Flöss

The Autonomous Province of Trento has added an important set of documents to the public cultural heritage: the archive of the Counts Spaur of Castel Valer, consisting of about 1450 archival units.

Stefania Franzoi