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An innovative alarm system for bikes developed by Ivan Minakov, Uladzimir Kharkevich and Nadya Bobova, former students of the Trentino Athenaeum

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A multifaceted reading of Cesare Battisti in the exhibition at the Castello del Buonconsiglio from 12 July

Castello del Buonconsiglio

From the 13th May some of the most important personalities of the Italian and international archaeology will be guests at the Rovereto civic museum foundation.

Barbara Maurina

Double portrait (mid 20th century)

Federico Vender

The archives of Trentino in the National Archival System with an initial number of 50 inventories, which will progressively increase

Stefania Franzoi

Prinz Umberto von Savoyen am Brenner (1924)

Sergio Perdomi

Zygmunt Baumann is the guest of honour at the planned meeting at the Hall of the Cooperative Federation in Trento on Sunday 31st January at 11 (the hall opens at 10, we advise to arrive early, because seats can not be booked).

Auschwitz: still a meaningless name to us then, but at least it had to refer to somewhere on this earth. (If this is a man, Primo Levi)

The opening of the exhibition dedicated to Margherita Leoni’s artistic research starts at 17 today, 22nd January, at the MUSE in Trento.

Osvaldo Negra, Francesco Rigobello

A cultural and landscape offer, ready to welcome visitors any time

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History, art and science: here is what the museums and castles in Trentino suggest

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