Rhaetic Museum and Fiavé Pile dwelling Museum: reopening

After the winter break, the two Museums are now open

After the winter break, the Museo Retico (Rhaetic Museum) - Centre for the archaeology and ancient history of the Val di Non and the Museo delle Palafitte di Fiavé (Fiavé Pile dwelling Museum)  are open to the public from 12 March.

Both are of great interest for learning about and understanding the most ancient events in Trentino, and can be visited on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays:

The Rhaetic Museum from 14 to 18, while the Fiavé Pile dwelling Museum from 13 to 18.

At the weekend, free guided tours are offered by the “Servizi educativi” (office for educational activities) of the Archaeological Heritage Office of the Department for Cultural Heritage on the occasion of  the reopening of the museum.

For independent access, no booking is required, but the Super Green Pass is required (over 12 years old). For schools and groups the museums will be open on request also during the week.

The opening of the Parco Archeo Natura di Fiavé is scheduled on 16 April.

Trento's Department for Cultural Heritage