#laculturanonsiferma, - #culture doesn't stop, the cultural heritage is just a click away

Photographs, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, even old dolls in the new columns of the Department for Cultural Heritage 

The Covid-19 emergency does not slow down the activities of the Department for Cultural Heritage, which, accepting the invitation of the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities joins the campaigns #iorestoacasa (I stay at home) and #laculturnonsiferma (Culture doesn't stop) and strives for the availability of public collections. 

How? Through new online columns, which are an opportunity to further enhance the cultural heritage of Trentino. Targeted proposals are also available for the school world and the cultural professionals of the Department for Cultural Heritage are willing to help teachers with suggestions and exchange of ideas.

"Tesori dal passato, uno sguardo al futuro" ("Treasures from the past, a glimpse on the future") is the column curated by the Department for historic and artistic Heritage dedicated to artefacts acquired by the Department to increase the provincial collections: furnishings, fabrics, jewellery, historical weapons, even an ancient doll and, of course, paintings and sculptures of great value. An extraordinary heritage featuring various types, techniques and materials that are now available to everyone thanks to the revision of the exhibition catalogue "Treasures of the past. Art and history in ten years of acquisitions". You can thus browse through the pages of an online catalogue which is being costantly built up.

The column "Fotografia. Le antiche tecniche in AFS" ("Photography. The ancient techniques in the Historic Photographic Archive of the Department for Cultural Heritage"), provides knowledge and ideas for approaching nineteenth-century photographic techniques and procedures, and the history of photography in Trentino. Through specimens belonging to the collections of the Provincial Archive, it's possible to discover the origins of the centuries-old history of analogue photography: objects with their own physicality and historically determined characteristics, linked to the photographer's culture and the technological possibilities he had at his disposal.

Another initiative in the pipeline is "Monumenti di anno in anno" ("Monuments from year to year") which will make available to the public the summary sheets - collected by year - of the buildings ascertained or declared of interest by the Architectural Heritage Office during the last five year. Not only castles, palaces, villas, gardens, towers, churches and sanctuaries make up the monumental heritage covered by protection provisions, but also houses, cemeteries, monuments to the fallen, chapels, hermitages, tabernacles, crosses and other signs of the sacred, as well as factories and production plants of the last century, which are essential part of the historical and cultural context of Trentino.

In this emergency phase, all the pilot projects of the heritage education area, started in the 2019/20 school year, are also subject to an intense remodelling of activities, with the application of new remote modalities.
For the high schools that had joined the project "Tra imbrattamento e street art, il diritto al patrimonio" ("Between soiling and street art, the right to heritage"), new digital content is ready, for self-managed use or, upon request, with the guidance of specialists.
For suggestions and proposals for adapting the content to classroom work, teachers can write to beatrice.barzaghi@provincia.tn.itkatia.malatesta@provincia.tn.it e patrizia.pizzini@provincia.tn.it

For information on the projects of the heritage education area, the curator is available at the email address lucia.cella@provincia.tn.it