Educational activities

Educational activities for primary and secondary schools

This section of the site presents a programme of educational activities for primary and secondary schools for the 2016/2017 school year, which was completely renovated in its plant.

The guided tour of the fort, appropriate in content and forms of communication to the needs of each school cycle, can be enriched with the participation in a number of training workshops, which can enable students to delve deeper into topics that are consistent with their study programmes, through original and interactive teaching methods.

  • Guided tours for schools (duration: 1.5 hours)

The guided tour illustrates the characteristics of a fortification, but also the transformations of a territory in a social and economic perspective, depending on the First World War in the European context.

  • Trekking to discover the history (duration: 6 hours)

This tour takes place above the village of Cadine; in addition to the fort, students will visit a sector of the fortress of Trento with the works constructed in 1914-1915: cavern works, an embrasure and a military road, in the incredible panorama of the Adige valley.

  • In-depth studies for teachers

The fort offers refresher courses for teachers or meetings about various themes.

  • Workshops with other organizations that promote coexistence and peace.

These meetings are meant to promote the participation of young people in conflict resolution.