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The Autonomous Province of Trento has added an important set of documents to the public cultural heritage: the archive of the Counts Spaur of Castel Valer, consisting of about 1450 archival units.

Stefania Franzoi

The English term “afterimage” describes that optical illusion by which an image continues to remain impressed in the mind even after the vision of the same has ceased.

Margherita de Pilati

A letter from the father of a soldier buried in the cemetery of Slaghenaufi has been found in the parish archive of Lavarone, where Father Nicolò used to write down in detail information about the deceased.

Fiammetta Baldo

Pierluigi Cattani's photographs were taken inside the former Italcementi of Trento

Interview with Layla Betti 

The façade of Palazzo Alberti Colico in Trento features the symbol of the sun with 12 primary rays and 144 minor rays with the trigram of Christ “IHS” (Holy Name of Jesus) on the inside; what's its meaning?

Laura Dal Prà

The inmates at the Castle of Arco had to pay their own meals. In a register of the municipal archives of Folgaria every detail was noted, also whether the vegetables were dressed with vinegar.

Lidia Bertagnolli

Bertolt Brecht's quotation "The war which is coming is not the first one" for the exhibition at Mart - Rovereto on the occasion of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War (1914 - 1918)

Cristiana Collu

The Raeti, a dynamic population, open to influences from the neighbouring cultural areas.

Rosa Roncador

Fragments of a lost garden

Alessandro Pasetti Medin

15 protagonists of Trentino’s culture on the façade of Palazzo Ranzi, in piazza Santa Maria Maggiore

Luciana Giacomelli

The emigrants’ treasure.

The restoration of the jewellery of the church of San Floriano in Storo

Daniela Floris

Over the last thirty years a lot of conservation interventions have been made in the parish church of Avio

Elvio Mich