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A virtual tour to discover the Sass Underground Archaeological Space, the Fiavè Pile dwelling Museum and the Museo Retico (Rhaetic Museum) 

S.A.S.S. strada romana [ Archivio Ufficio beni archeologici PAT]

We invite you to take a virtual journey back in time to get to know the ancient history of Trentino, by discovering with us, step by step, the exhibition itineraries of the Sass Underground Archaeological Space   , the Fiavè Pile dwelling Museum    and the Museo Retico (Rhaetic Museum) -    Centre for the archaeology and ancient history of the Val di Non    (Sanzeno).

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Journey into the everyday life of the village on Lake Carera 3,500 years ago

Discovering Tridentum, the underground city

In the well of time to learn about the archaeology and ancient history of the Val di Non