The castle rises up on a sheer rocky spur on Lake Idro, strategic position controlling the entrance to the Giudicarie territory.

Segonzano Castle

The castle was built around the XIIIth century and was already in ruins by the end of the XVth, as documented by Dürer's watercolour works.

Built in the 1250s, it was the main residence of the Thun family. It was open to the public in 2010, and is nowadays one of the venues of the Castello del Buonconsiglio Museum. 

A magnificent stronghold that rises in the middle of Lake Toblino. The other lake fortress in Trentino is the Rocca di Riva.

Vasio Castle

The first evidence comes from 1237, when it was granted from Egnone II, cousin of the counts of Appiano, to Bertoldo of Cloz. Recently restored, the fortress is open to the public.

Costruito presumibilmente nel corso del XII secolo è famoso per l’assedio e la distruzione totale operata dalle truppe di Ezzelino da Romano nel 1256.