Many proposals for the long weekends this spring under the sign of culture and nature, wellness and recreation

Iron, Fire, Blood! Living the Great War

from 10/05/2018 to 30/06/2019

Trentino history museum foundation, the Tunnels of Piedicastello - Trento · Trento

Face-to-Face. Mauro De Carli and Piermario Dorigatti

from 22/03/2019 to 12/05/2019

Civic art gallery - Trento · Trento

Didddo - Touch Me! | Dido Fontana + Zoe Lacchei

from 29/03/2019 to 30/04/2019

Boccanera Gallery · Trento

Exhibitions, in-depth focuses, special projects. This is Mart 2019

Not in my planet

from 12/04/2019 to 03/06/2019

Muse - Science Museum - Trento · Trento

With two new exhibitions, a new season has just started

Floating colours: the marbled paper between the East and the West

from 01/03/2019 to 05/05/2019

Buonconsiglio Castle · Trento

Amazonia. The Guardians of Biodiversity

from 09/03/2019 to 25/04/2019

Tridentum. S.A.S.S. - Underground Archaeological Site Sas · Trento

Terra Mala. Journey to the land of Fires

from 08/02/2019 to 06/05/2019

The Tridentine diocesan museum - Trento · Trento

Not to be missed

Nature in movement. Let's defend ourselves against floods
from 12/03/2019 to 21/04/2019

Muse - Science Museum - Trento · Trento

What are you doing on Easter Monday?
from 23/04/2019 to 26/04/2019

Muse - Science Museum - Trento · Trento

Cosa videro quegli occhi! (What those eyes saw!)
from 08/05/2018 to 28/04/2019

Progetto Manifattura (Former Tobacco Factory) · Rovereto

Ortinparco 2019
from 25/04/2019 to 28/04/2019

Levico Spa Park · Levico Terme

Pasqua Musicale Arcense
from 11/04/2019 to 05/05/2019

Arco and nearby municipalities · Arco

Tex Willer
from 12/04/2019 to 05/05/2019

Caritro Foundation conference room · Trento

Oysters and wine. Cooking and the ancient Romans
from 19/09/2015 to 31/05/2019

Tridentum. S.A.S.S. - Underground Archaeological Site Sas · Trento

The moon. And then?
from 08/12/2018 to 21/07/2019

Palazzo Parolari · Rovereto

Like a Movie
from 12/04/2019 to 20/10/2019

Depero Futurist House of the Arts · Rovereto

The form of sport
from 13/04/2019 to 03/11/2019

Mag Alto Garda museum · Riva del Garda

An unforgettable experience!