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Somrabbi cheese-making dairy

This old cheese-making dairy is now a museum displaying traditional milk processing equipment to make butter, cheese and ricotta.

Piccolo teatro aperto a compagnie, gruppi e singoli artisti che lo utilizzano come vera e propria ‘fucina’ produttiva

Venne costruito in riva al lago con la duplice funzione di tagliata e di batteria costiera.

La Galleria affianca alla costante attività espositiva nella sede trentina di Palazzo Wolkenstein, la promozione degli artisti sul territorio nazionale e internazionale durante fiere e manifestazioni culturali.

Taialacqua sawmill - Molveno

The Molveno sawmill is one of the few survivors of the more than 300 in Trentino before World War I.

Teatro inaugurato nel settembre del 2013, rappresenta un patchwork di cuciture creative tra enti, generi e pubblici diversi, un inno alla diversità e un modello di convivenza.

Telve museum of customs and traditions - Telve Valsugana

Collection of objects of farming and artisan's labour

The ancient trades path Grauno Grumes Sover Piscine

This "Old trades trail" bears witness to the various agroforestry activities that families carried out in this area in the past

The Holy room - Zortea

The Holy room, with its several instructive suggestions and its important popular, mountain, Christian relics, shows in a clear and precise way the route of popular devotion in Valle del Vanoi. 

The hydroelectric power plant in Fies is one of the most important testimonies of industrial archaeology in Trentino.

Local branch of the Ladin Museum in Fassa

Local branch of the Ladin Museum in Fassa

In the cultural landscape of Trentino, the castles, with their imposing architecture, represent a distinctive and noteworthy feature of the area.

Local branch of the Ladin  Museum in Fassa

The school museum - Pergine Valsugana

The Museum preserves a large amount of valuable material from schools in Pergine and its surroundings, but also from the rest of Trentino.

Adjacent to the Botanic Garden, the astronomical observatory "The Stars Terrace" is a privileged observation point to explore the night sky. Thanks to the altitude (1,557 meters above sea level), visitors can enjoy the vision of stars, galaxies and planets from a site clear of the light pollution of the city and the lower valleys.

The Tridentine Diocesan Museum is located right downtown in Trento, close to the San Vigilio Cathedral, in the Palazzo Pretorio, which in the Upper Middle Ages was residence to the Prince-Bishops of Trento. Established in 1903, it features a noteworthy artistic and cultural heritage ranging from the 11th to the 19th century.

Built in the 1250s, it was the main residence of the Thun family. It was open to the public in 2010, and is nowadays one of the venues of the Castello del Buonconsiglio Museum. 

A magnificent stronghold that rises in the middle of Lake Toblino. The other lake fortress in Trentino is the Rocca di Riva.

Tognolli forge - Borgo Valsugana

A powerful forge with a hydraulic hammer which produced iron tools for farming

Town band museum - Pergine Valsugana

Collection of antique musical instruments, sheet music, posters and manuscripts, photographs and concert programs.