Museums and collections

The Italian war history Museum, in the Rovereto castle, was founded in 1921 in remembrance of the First World War. It is one of the main Italian museums dedicated to the Great War.

The Ladin Cultural Institute’s ethnographic collections are kept inside the Ladin Museum in Fassa

The MAG Museo Alto Garda is comprised of the Museum of Riva del Garda, which looks directly onto the lake itself, and the G. Segantini City Gallery in Arco. The Rocca of Riva del Garda, an ancient medieval castle standing on the lakeside, is home to the headquarters of the Mag Museum with its three permanent sections, spaces for temporary exhibitions, and the workshop itinerary known as ‘INvento', designed for younger visitors and their families.

MMape is a new, interactive and original museum. It is unique and singular in the whole region.

A museum dedicated to the activities of mountain pasturage with a collection of interesting objects from the Giudicarie area. Milking and the processing of butter, cheese and ricotta are demonstrated through the various kinds of equipment used. The visit concludes with a room where the objects necessary for life at the mountain dairy are on display. 

Il primo luogo dedicato a raccontare la città di Rovereto attraverso le voci e i volti dei suoi protagonisti. 

The museum houses sections dedicated to the agro-forestry system, handicrafts and the rural home environment.

Il Museo è stato fondato nel 1996 con la finalità di raccolta, promozione del recupero e del restauro di pianoforti antichi di valore artistico e storico

All'interno è raccolta, in sintetiche rassegne, la storia del Corpo degli alpini, dalla sua fondazione ai giorni nostri, mentre trofei, armi e cimeli sono esposti tra le singole nicchie e nelle vetrine

Ricostruisce l'opera di esplorazione e di evangelizzazione di Padre Eusebio Chini in Arizona e Sonora

A collection of relics recovered in the mountains of the Ortles-Cevedale group and everyday objects used by the Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers. 

Museum of agricultural equipment and crafts of the community of Canezza - Portolo

Collection of objects and tools that were once used by the dairy cooperative, in homes and in village workshops.

Collection of the tools of the woodcutter, carpenter, cooper. Recreation of the spaces of country life.

Facing the most renowned Pile Dwelling settlement of the Alpine area, the Museum houses notable archaeology collections and carries out year-round research programs in “imitative archaeology”. In “imitative archaeology”, also referred to as “experimental archaeology”, researchers imitate historical processes and recreate settlements for the purpose of practically testing theories of ancient human behaviour. The museum offers numerous educational activities.

The Museum presents the work activities in the forest and the tools of agriculture, the equipment of the carpenter, the work in the barn and in the country.

Museum of Vallarsa rural culture - Riva di Vallarsa

Recreation of the spaces of country life.

Old stoves and kitchens, Lauro Defrancesco - Castello di Molina di Fiemme

Collection of masonry heaters from Trentino. 

Small ethnographic museum on three floors

The striking palazzo is seat of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme and holds its documents and traditions. With its embattled walls, the building is Medieval in origin, but was transformed into a summer residence for the Bishops during the Renaissance.

A museum reconstructing the history of that border-zone with Veneto, where street vendors represented an essential part of economy, starting from the middle of  the 17th century until the end of the Second World War.

This exhibit is a testimony to the evolution of pharmaceutical technology

The Predazzo geology museum is located in Val di Fiemme (Eastern Dolomites), an area long renowned by scholars as the “geological garden of the Alps”.
The Museum fosters and promotes knowledge on the distinctive geological-mineralogical heritage of the area.

Telve museum of customs and traditions - Telve Valsugana

Collection of objects of farming and artisan's labour

Among the first examples of Alpine botanic gardens in Italy, this Garden was established in 1938. It grows over 1,000 Alpine species, grouped by large geographic area of origin; these species represent a valuable living account of the flora biodiversity in the Alpine environment.

The Holy room - Zortea

The Holy room, with its several instructive suggestions and its important popular, mountain, Christian relics, shows in a clear and precise way the route of popular devotion in Valle del Vanoi. 

The Museum preserves a large amount of valuable material from schools in Pergine and its surroundings, but also from the rest of Trentino.

Adjacent to the Botanic Garden, the astronomical observatory "The Stars Terrace" is a privileged observation point to explore the night sky. Thanks to the altitude (1,557 meters above sea level), visitors can enjoy the vision of stars, galaxies and planets from a site clear of the light pollution of the city and the lower valleys.

Town band museum - Pergine Valsugana

Collection of antique musical instruments, sheet music, posters and manuscripts, photographs and concert programs.

Il nuovo polo culturale della Diocesi di Trento, uno spazio culturale aperto alla città di Trento e al territorio trentino